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For those who are looking for a little spice in their love life, look no further than the UK online retailer, For over 30 years, receiving their start in London, the company has delivered on their promise to provide the most exotic lingerie and pleasure aids for all kinds of people looking for excitement in their love life. The easy to navigate website offers these items at a fair and reasonable price.

The company was named after the founder’s, Caborn Waterfield, secretary, Annice Summers. After David Gold acquired the company in 1972, he hired his daughter, Jacqueline, whom revolutionised the Ann Summer’s product marketing system after attending a Tupperware party in 1981. Jacqueline Gold applied the Tupperware party idea to their own products, selling lingerie and pleasure aids in the privacy and convenience of consumers’ homes. This removed any embarrassment felt by consumers who purchased things in-store and enhanced their productivity. This is a popular feature that is still offered across the UK today.

Ann Summers offers a shopping style that is both personalised and completely private. The website has sectioned off the pleasure aids to make a more personalised shopping experience. Items can be organised by price if the shopper is on a budget. Or, if one is looking for a more fun experience to share with their girlfriends, perhaps a great hen party idea, then, they have the option of hosting a party at their home to showcase and purchase the items, thanks to Ms. Gold. All they have to do is select a date and time and let the fun begin! And no embarrassment necessary if they choose to buy products. The products will be discreetly delivered to one’s home within the week of the party.

For those who need a little help in jump starting the passion in a relationship, offers the unique service of sending a Naught e-mail to that special someone. This is an e-mail that they create for their consumer, who chooses whether it’s being sent to a male or a female that will drop the not-so-subtle hint to the receiver. They also offer another unique feature that gives their consumers advice based upon their astronomical signs. The horoscopes are used to determine not only compatibility of partners, but all other aspects of one’s sex life.

This website is truly the ultimate place for anyone who is looking for a good time and like a one-stop shop for all of their needs. Ann Summers is sure to bring a little action and excitement to any sex life with their lingerie products and advice. The company has made its life mission to make sure that every kind of lover has the tools they need in order to be truly satisfied and completes that mission by making their website so personalised to every individual. So, when one is looking for something to really spice up their love life, the first place one should stop is They are sure to not be disappointed!