Argos Voucher Codes sell a wide variety of home products, appliances and general merchandise. Argos’ goods also range to gift items, jewellery, health care and beauty items, to photography equipment and electronics.’s competitive pricing on its consumer goods combined with its large selection help to increase its popularity against its competitors. Argos maintains rights on several products including the jewellery line Elizabeth Duke.

Argos is an online and store retailer specialising in home merchandise and general goods. Based out of the United Kingdom with stores also in Ireland, Argos is a multi-channel retailer and a part of Home Retail Group. Argos maintains over 750 store locations and employs approximately 33,000 people. The internet division of Argos consists of about 26% of total revenue, and their yearly profits range from £4.3 billion. Argos on average services 130 million customers through their retail stores and their mailed catalogue reaches two thirds of the UK population and their website is one of the most highly visited sites in the UK in 2008.

What differentiates Argos from its competitors is the manner in which the sales are processed with the consumer. Argos is mainly a catalogue merchant. Customers view the items they wish to purchase not on display at a retail store, but rather in a colour catalogue. The customers then choose which goods they would like to purchase, pay for these items, and then choose between having the sold items delivered directly to their doorstep or they can visit one of the many store locations to pick up their items in person.

Argos catalogues are mailed to the public twice annually, with a Spring & Summer edition in January, and a Autumn & Winter edition mailed in July. Catalogues typically contain around 1,500 pages complete with photos, descriptions, pricing and item numbers of all catalogue items. Argos stores also contain catalogues, but vary in appearance by having laminated pages which are ring-bound for durability. These in-store catalogues also contained updated pricing should the cost of an item change after the release of the most recent seasonal catalogue.

Argos has recently added an Argos Home catalogue in 2006 which has a centered focus on home furnishings and interior decorating. The catalogues also include tips for styling home interiors and updated trends for each season. This new catalogue has proved to be quite successful thus far.

The company was founded in 1973 by Richard Tompkins who came up with the name while visiting Argos, Greece on vacation. The first store was opened by Tompkins in Canterbury towards the end of 1973. Argos was purchased by BAT Industries six years later in 1979, and has been increasingly prosperous ever since.

Argos voucher codes found online are usually category specific i.e. they will offer a percentage off beds, furniture, TV’s or sofas etc on one code or free delivery in another.