B&Q Voucher Codes

B&Q, diy.com, is a massive online and brick and mortar home and garden centre with great prices located in every department.

B&Q, which was founded in South Hampton, England in 1969 and has become the third largest home improvement store in the world. The company name comes from the two founders who are Richard Block and Richard Quayle. Today the head office or also known as the support office is located in Eastleigh, Hampshire, England. The company has grown in massive strides over the years and now has 321 stores in the UK and 9 stores in Ireland and more spread out in various places such as China. On January 15th of 2010 B&Q was named the best diy retailer by Verdict Research.

B&Q sells a wide variety of products from the kitchen to the backyard patio and everything in between. In the kitchen centre area of B and Q there are many ideas and styles to choose from. Modern looks to country style B&Q’s kitchen centre has it all including the kitchen sink. Many of the products they sell have warranties so the buyer has no worries when purchasing major items.

For do it yourself projects B&Q offers everything you need from start to finish. The knowledge area of diy.com is packed full of information on many common, and some not so common, fixes for your home. If you register with diy.com you have the ability to ask a question if the information you need is not listed. You can also have special offers sent to your email, if you choose, when you register with them and you can play with the interactive room designers.

Going green has never been easier since B&Q has its own Eco friendly products department. Here you can even purchase solar panels at a great price.

The website, diy.com, not only sells a tremendous amount of their products it also has very informative information on many projects. On diy.com there are buying guides for products, design ideas and even calculators to help you get the right amount of product for your project. The B and Q website itself is very easy to navigate through. If you do not see the product you want listed you can always type it into their search engine and in seconds it will pull the item up for you.