Betfair Voucher Codes offer discount voucher codes which include; a £25 free bet, free Grand National bet and £50 free with new lay betting accounts depositing at least £10. known as the world’s biggest online community, it offers a variety of gambling products and services. The company is spread out across several other countries including a 2nd betting exchange in Australia. A few of the company’s gaming products include casino, poker and a number of exchanging games. Betfair is a licensed gambling operator throughout the UK as well as several other countries.

So you might be asking yourself, why should I choose Betfair? Well, in short Betfair offers you best choice for your money and lets you control all of your options. You can choose to bet that something will happen or will not happen. You can choose the odds at which you want to play. You can bet while the game is already being played. There is a wide range of products and front-lining games to choose from.

Betfair is aware of who is on either side of every single bet which has been matched, you don’t know who you could be betting against. If you’re registered with Betfair (from outside the UK) you’re betting against Betfair itself, rather than one of it’s customers; however, in all cases, your privacy is always maintained by our extremely secure site.

How to pick your odds:

If you want better odds than those available, you could place an order for a better price. Keep in mind though that if your price is an unrealistic one, your bet is unlikely to be accepted. Note that the odds available often improve the closer to the start of an event as interest in it greatly increases. Functionality is available to set Monthly Deposit Limits. You can also choose daily or weekly limits. These guidelines can be set upon registration or from your account profile once you become a customer. Limits can be changed at anytime and more detailed information about this change can be found there.

Betfair was founded in August 1999 as a way to commercialise the betting technology that had been under development from the prior year. If you would like more details of the operating companies within Betfair and it’s group, as well as their gambling licenses, they can be all be found in the “Regulators section” at

The best part about joining right now is if you open an account and bet at least £25 you will get £25 put back into your account within 48 hours. It’s basically a risk free way to try the lay betting website and not lose any money.