Chocolate Trading Company Voucher Codes

Online Chocolate Trading Company- offer discount voucher codes such as 6% – 10% off orders, free hearts gift bag and a free bag of chocs with all purchases over £20

If you want to find quality chocolates for every occasion, the Chocolate Trading Co, found at, has been selling quality chocolates online since 2002 to patrons in the United Kingdom. Over the last several months, they have expanded their online merchandise to include more products to suit the wishes of their customers.

The Chocolate Trading Co has several categories of chocolates to choose from. There are chocolates for holidays and special occasions, such as Easter and Mother’s Day. Beautifully and colourfully wrapped, chocolate Easter eggs are filled with different delicious centres for everyone’s tastes. Mother’s Day chocolates come in lovely boxes that make a great way to tell your mother how special she is. There are heart shaped boxes and chocolates that are individually decorated for an extra adornment.

You can buy chocolate for cooking and chocolate decorations from the Chocolate Trading Company. Chocolate chips are sold in bulk, so you can save money and stock up on fine quality ingredients. They also sell couverture, cooking chocolate, made by a company that also sells it to high-quality restaurants. Couverture can be melted and used for decorating and as a dipping chocolate. The Chocolate Trading Co sells fancy chocolate decorations, including shaped chocolate dishes such as hearts, squares, and flowers. These dishes can then be filled with custards or puddings. They sell chocolate spoons, chocolate cigarellos, and pre-decorated chocolate shapes that can be used as embellishments on desserts. You can also buy decorations that you can transfer onto your own chocolate creations.

The Chocolate Trading Co even has chocolate for those with allergies, offering dairy free, wheat and gluten free and soy lecithin free chocolates. These chocs allow people who cannot have one of these ingredients, or who just prefer not to have these ingredients, to enjoy great chocolate. Allergy friendly chocolate products make great gifts.

When buying a gift of chocolate for a very special occasion, the Chocolate Trading Company offers hampers of treats including both champagne and chocolates to accompany it. They also sell bottles of champagne and wine that go especially well with chocolate. You can use these and choose chocolates to create your own gift hamper, filled with the chocs that the gift recipient will like best.

If you would like organic or fair trade chocolate products, you can find those at the Chocolate Trading Co as well. Whatever chocolate you are looking for, whatever the occasion, this gourmet chocolate company is bound to impress any chocoholic. Visit today and taste their exceptional quality for itself.