Dominos Voucher Codes

Domino’s has become an unmistakable brand in the world of pizza. In fact, upon hearing the name, one is less likely to be reminded of the famous board game than of images of circular discs covered in melted cheese and sauce. Its presence can be felt across the world. In the UK, especially, the company is more successful than ever thanks to the ingenious use of new media throughout its website,

An online presence has been crucial to companies in the new millennium. The idea of delivery pizza being one of ultimate convenience, Domino’s online has used new media to perfection. The moment a hungry customer opens the page, there is spot to enter their postal code. Next, the nearest shop is displayed, along with a full interactive menu that even offers the chance to create an off-menu, unique pizza. There’s also a link to the nutritional facts of each item. Finally, after entering payment & address information and any voucher codes, the “Feed Me!” button appears, ready to be clicked. This is where most websites would leave it; however, Domino’s has ingeniously placed their now famous “Pizza Tracker” to calm eager stomachs. With this easy-to-use tracking system, one can follow the pie from its inception all the way to the delivery car, leaving little doubt as to its whereabouts.

Domino’s was founded in 1960 by Tom Monaghan in Michigan, in the Midwestern United States. Within a few Years, the company had expanded into dozens of franchises that were rapidly introducing all of America to their pizza. Then, in a decision that would come to define the company, they decided to make their pizzas available for home delivery. By the mid-eighties, Domino’s had established itself one of the most recognizable fast food franchises in America, and it’s around this time that they made the leap across the ocean, opening their first UK-based location in Luton. By 1994, Domino’s Pizza UK & IRE broke away from the original ownership and became its own successful parent franchise. In fact, revenue has increased exponentially, with the company earning over £130 billion revenue in 2008. One major reason has been the creative use of their website.

From the early days in the states all the way to the online Pizza Tracker, Domino’s and pizza itself have come a long way. The only way any company can boast 50 years of success is if they reinvent and refocus what they provide. is the latest revolutionary idea from a company that has mastered the art of convenience and costumer satisfaction. It will be interesting to track what changes Domino’s and the pizza will make next.