e2save Voucher Codes

e2save.com issue discount voucher codes which have included; £5 off pay as you go Sony Ericsson mobiles, free internet security software with mobile broadband & laptops, £10 off the Samsung C3510 mobile phone on Orange network and free delivery on all PAYG mobile phones.

E2save.com is part of Carphone Warehouse, which is the biggest mobile phone retailer in the UK. They filled over 200,000 orders in just the past year and have the best selection of phones in the UK for every major network. They have been in business since 1999 and have been fast and reliable from the start. E2save.com offers mobile phones on both monthly plans and “Pay As You Go” plans. They provide mobile phones from Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, LG, and more. They sell basic mobile phones and smartphones such as the Apple iPhone, the Samsung Omnia series, and various models of the Blackberry.

In additions to having the best selection of mobile phones in the UK, e2save.com also offers phone accessories like chargers and memory cards, and other electronics such as video game consoles and controllers, webcams, laptops, computer mice and more. E2save.com offers mobile broadband modems and plans from many different providers. Having mobile broadband allows a computer to connect to the internet any where and at any time as long as there is a mobile phone signal. The modem plugs into a USB port, so it is completely wireless. The mobile broadband plans are separate from the user’s mobile phone contract.

E2save.com allows users to sell their old mobile phones for money. It helps get rid of old phones that would just remain lying around the house and helps the environment by recycling these unused mobile phones. Money is received in the form of cheque within seven days of them receiving and checking the phone.

Not just ones to make a profit for themselves, e2save.com is active in charity organisations and does what it can to give back to the community. They are supporting The Glebe House Project this year, which is a charity that focuses on providing services for people with learning disabilities. E2save.com’s goal is to raise £600 for The Glebe House Project. Other charities they have supported include The Children in Need organisation, Red Nose Day 09, Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, When You Wish Upon a Star, and the NSPCC.

Anyone in the UK looking for a place to purchase a mobile phone has no need to look further. E2save.com is a reliable site that has been in business for over a decade. E2save.com has the best selection in the UK with unbeatable deals and great service. They offer mobile phones and plans from all major networks. They sell mobile phone accessories and other various electronics. They also have a great way of getting rid of old mobile phones for cash. When looking to buy a mobile phone, e2save.com is the all around best choice available.