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Firetrap is an international brand that is offering jeans and clothing for both men and women in today’s special world of retail and marketing. They are well known for their ability to copy from the streets of London what you could easily mention and think of as the cool and specific look that people have after they have enjoyed a mischievous night out.

The Designs that firetrap follow have a very unique pattern and it is totally related with the idea of making the younger generation confident about themselves and the ability to be able to wear something bold and appreciated at the same time. The basic approach of the company has been to make sure that their collection has a totally different look in the market. They will be considered the bold of the rock and roll age, and they are proud to have this brand name in their collection as this makes them totally unique to their very common products. offers a vast variety of products and this include men’s cloths, women’s cloths, men’s accessories and women’s accessories, which will also include shoes and belts as well. Their prices are considered to be on the higher end, however, it is definitely a brand that has got a very good reputation for having very good quality items and therefore, people do not really mind the prices so much, as long as they are given something that is worth their money and that is something which is specially designed for them.

Of course, you will always find those that will be complaining about an article which did not really fit in with their expectations, however, most of the reviews that you find about firetrap are very reasonable.

Firetrap is a British company that was established in 1993 and which started only with Jeans at the very beginning of their collection. However, as on today, this company has been able to establish itself in over 30 countries and firetrap is a brand that is very well known in the United Kingdom itself. There are five stores in the UK that are exclusive to this brand and the brand has also made it possible to play a very important role in the jeans markets in other parts of the world and this includes in Italy, Germany, France and Dubai.

Firetrap has used a lot of their very unique creations to bring a different kind of look to the world and there is a lot of demand for this kind of fashion in the new generations and perhaps that is why this company has seen such a great demand and success in their brand in such a short period of time.

Firetrap is also known very well for bringing in the gnome Deadly as a way of advertising their fashion collection in 2000s. However, there had been some differences of opinion in the whole issue and the gnome was withdrawn from the market place. However, the brand is strong and growing everyday without any problems.