Harveys The Furniture Store Voucher Codes

Bring your home to life at harveysfurniture.co.uk and use the discount voucher codes often published including 10 – 15% off orders, 25% off sale prices and £35 off purchases.

Harvey’s Furniture was the first in the UK to offer online shopping convenience. Bedroom, Dining, Lounge, and Living Room collections are as close as the internet at harveysfurniture.co.uk. From their site, you can find wardrobes, chests, dressing tables and stools, mirrors, accessories, coffee and lamp tables, TV and HiFi units, sideboards, display cabinets, bookcases, shelves, sofa beds, relaxer chairs, recliners, and lift & rise recliner chairs.

With over 150 stores in the UK, Harveys is the largest furniture specialist. Harvey’s now brings into your home for your convenience the quality furniture and service that has built their reputation. The site harveysfurniture.co.uk brings the store to you. Harvey’s worked diligently to make the site have the functions to let you view your furniture closely; almost like being into one of their stores. When you are at harveysfurniture.co.uk it is easy to navigate to find the dining table, chairs, sofas, beds, dressers, end tables, and all the accessories you desire.

Steinhoff International Holdings Ltd owns Harvey’s, which provides a global infrastructure that ensures a leader, both in furniture manufacturing and retail, backs your purchase. Bruno Steinhoff began the Steinhoff group in 1964. They not only manufacture, warehouse and distribute household items, but in addition, they are involved with the raw materials used in manufacturing them. Harvey’s uses their distribution network that includes the UK, Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa, and Australia. They employ a staff of over 50,000 people internationally and own more than 70 factories.

Harvey’s is a division of Homestyle Operations Ltd and operates the website harveysfurniture.co.uk. In September 2007, Harveys the furniture store became the sponsor of Coronation Street., who in September 2010 will become the longest running currently airing soap opera on television in the world. First broadcast in 1960, Coronation Street will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2010.

Harvey’s is proud to team up with Coronation Street who brings your family together. They worked with a both puppets and computer animation to create the characters in their sponsorship ads to make them a lovable addition in your home. Just as they brought these characters to life for you, let Harvey’s bring your home to life.

When ordering online you can make full payment with most major credit and debit cards. On the other hand, if it is better for you, you may visit the Harvey’s store closest to you to take advantage of flexible financing. When you shop at harveysfurniture.co.uk, you are shopping at a secure site that doesn’t send you to any other site. You can also be confident that harveysfurniture.co.uk does not store your credit or debit card information.

Security, value, and quality are yours at harveys the furniture store.