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Homebase Voucher Codes

Homebase.co.uk regularly issue voucher codes to use on their online DIY website with 10% off the entire site codes occurring most often. Also category specific discount codes are sometimes made available i.e. 15% off kitchen, bathroom or bedroom products.

There are a number of different products that customers can purchase either online or at any of the different location throughout Britain or Ireland. Some of the various products that Homebase.co.uk sells includes: building materials for kitchens, bathrooms, the offer flooring / tile, furniture, lighting, tools and electrical supplies just to name a few. The company also has a financial services division that sells: homeowners insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and financing / planning for various projects.

In the world of home improvement there are a number of different competitors around the world that claim to be able to offer consumers exactly what they are looking for. In the case of Homebase, they are second largest home improvement retailer in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company currently has 300 stores and sells over 30,000 products in its different locations. In 2005 the company was awarded the “Do it Yourself Retailer of the Year” award.

Homebase was originally founded in 1979 by Sainsbury Supermarket and GB – Inno – BM (a Belgian retailer). The first store was opened on March 3, 1981 in the town of Croydon. Throughout the 1980’s and into the mid 1990’s the company would rapidly expand by opening a number of different stores. Then in 1995, they acquired their rival Texas Homecare and quickly began remodelling their stores to reflect the layout of Texas Homecare locations. Between 1999 and 2006 the company would be sold the acquired by three different companies these would include: Hampden Group, Schroeder Ventures and GUS PLC. Then in 2006, the company went through a demerger with it being placed under the control of ARG.

The Loyalty Card was one of the biggest features that Homebase was known for. This was first introduced in 1982, and became a standard card that many of the discount wholesale clubs throughout the world would embrace, to include Sam’ Club. The program was discontinued in May 2009; however, this is considered to be one of the original programs that helped contribute to the company’s rapid expansion since the first store opened.

Homebase is one of the largest home retailers in Brittan and Ireland that sells over 30,000 products, through traditional store locations and online. They also offer various financial services to customers, this would include: homeowners insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and financing / planning services for various projects. Together, these different elements have allowed the company to offer a number of unique products that customers can be able to purchase for an affordable price. As result, this has allowed Homebase to survive various mergers and acquisitions to remain a critical part of any do it yourself project throughout Britain and Ireland.