KD Beds Voucher Codes

kdbeds.com offer discount voucher codes such as 5% – 10% off orders, 6% off premier collection beds, 50% off visco pro mattresses and 10% off slumberland, relyon & sealy beds.

KD Beds has been around for over twenty-five years. As one could guess they specialise in beds. Operating out of there first store in Yorkshire England they have been providing people with cheap affordable bedding for years. Not only are they do they sell beds but they also do carpeting as well. The fact that they can give such discounts in the first place stems from there other perk. KD beds just so happens to be the “official suppliers” of Sealy, Rest Assured, Slumberland, Silentnight, Myer’s, Dunlopillo, Millbrook just to name a few. With that corner of the process already nailed of course they can provide cheap prices. They even guarantee the cheapest mattress by price matching.

Now because they officially supply these mattresses they have plenty in stock in there warehouse guaranteeing they’ll have the mattress you would want- a very effective business practice. They in fact at any given time have stocked over 15,000 mattresses, beds and bedsteads. They even have over 950,000 square ft of carpeting ready to go at your request.

Aside from their effective business practices their website is extremely helpful. As soon as you log on to kdbeds.com you don’t feel like you are bombarded by useless information. In fact everything you need to know is within your view point and you are not penalised for looking around. You can immediately see links to their history, info on there store locations and frequently asked questions page. You may shop around by clicking on tabs that organize products by what type of product, the manufacturer or by the size of the bed. Say however you choose not to click on the tabs and just browse, they allow you to browse manufactures by simply clicking on their logo. Upon looking around everything about the KD Beds website is built to help the consumer.

You can view the company’s mission statement, and even contact the head office by phone or email. Not only that but there is a hotline to call to assist your online shopping needs; helping you to make the right choices and ask the right questions. KD beds offers next day delivery or express service which takes seven to ten business days. So if you live in the UK and are in the market for a mattress then KD beds just might be your best bet. Offering lowest price guaranteed and since they supply them they can back up that claim. Not to mention they have one of the most helpful websites for any product; now if someone puts that much work into getting and keeping your business then odds are they deserve it.