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The online music and game rental industry has exploded in the last few years but as with all things there must be a clear victor in the continual shopping wars that dominate the online market. For the people of Europe, most notably in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Germany, that victorious online emporium is the well known site “”. is a site that specialises rental through the mail and online viewing. In America the business model that Love Film uses would readily be recognised as similar to that of the vaunted “Netflix”. There are no late fees and the monthly fee allows for unlimited DVD and game rentals within the boundaries of the package chosen. For customers living in the United Kingdom this package pricing starts just below four pounds. When free postage is added into the mix the entire process easily lends credence to the ideas that most people in the rental industry have in regards to the slow creeping death of the brick and mortar rental stores. Why would anyone want to stand in line and constantly have to deal with the other members of society to rent a movie or video game when they can simply go online and have one sent directly to them?

The site is easy to navigate with a massive collection of movie titles for rent. At present there are over sixty-five thousand of them to choose from that include games and are each unique titles. There are currently over one million members and climbing and the company is cited as being the third largest online entertainment subscription service and in 2008 were recorded as being ranked number one for entertainment and media in the hitwise data.

To separate themselves from lesser online retailers and subscription services they have a few interesting things on their site that can draw in the casual web surfer. There is a question and answer section where members can ask questions to each other and start polls. This allows for a bit of community amongst the members as well as a place to share movie gossip and other interesting titbits.

One of the most interesting aspects of the service is their free trial. The would-be customer can rent a movie or game and see how they like the service. This is a definite improvement over some of the more expensive sites and readily gives cause to the claim that is the most popular subscription service on the net in the UK.

Overall the company provides an excellent service at reasonable cost. The overhead of being a member is far cheaper than what is generally spent if you go to the movies, or to a rental store in person and try to rent anything current. There are packages for any type of budget and the site is easily navigated with a massive collection of titles. They have proven themselves to be responsible business people with the customer’s point of view in mind as they attend to said business. There can be little better than that in an online movie rental service.