Low Cost Holidays Voucher Codes

Lowcostholidays.com offer discount voucher codes such as £15 off online bookings over £149.99, £10 off accommodation over £200, £10 off flight & accommodation booked together over £300 and £20 off family holidays over £400.

Lowcostholidays.com is the company dedicated to providing its clients with very extensive choice of holiday travelling packages at the most affordable prices. Although the company has well established internet presence, it also includes 150 travel professional that constitute the actual backbone of the company. They stand ready to help their customer base, which in recent times have grown to over 300,000 travellers.

Although the company was formed 5 years ago with establishing its presence in West Sussex, UK, many of its professionals are industry veterans with over 25 years of market experience. Low Cost Holidays has accomplish to build its service around top notch technology that constantly searches through listings of 35 airline companies and 50,000 hotels worldwide in order to pin point the lowest priced and the most satisfying travel deals.

Through direct relationships with service providers, Low Cost Holidays is able to offer the lowest yet guaranteed prices with its doctrine of “the price you see is the price you get”. There is however 2.95% charge for booking with a credit card which is fully revealed to its customers to address the higher cost that company has to endure for processing those payments. But other than that fee, the company completely eliminates any hidden fees or other surcharges, which is a dire contrast to some other sites who list travelling prices that often differ than those that are actually being charged to customer’s accounts.

All in all, Lowcostholidays.com really prides itself with unmatched personal service in the travel industry. It backs itself with established relationships with the most trusted UK banks. And furthermore, it has instituted a policy of answering all telephone calls within first 3 rings as well as replaying to all of received e-mails within 24 hours. That dedication has recently won the company number of awards by the industry watch groups including the vote to be the best tour operator and agent website for 2009, awarded by Travolution.

On the company’s web site, clients can swiftly search through any quality hotels they may be interested in, ranging from 2 star budget oriented to 5 star luxurious all inclusive establishments. Often one can find unexpected deals that may bring prices on higher quality hotels to those in line with the budget ones, providing for exciting and unimaginable saving and travel experience.

But the company does not stop its service with the sales of its packages. While its clients are enjoying their travel and summer holidays, the company says that it stands ready to provide 24/7 advice and assistance to any of them that may be in need of some local attention. Low Cost Holidays tries to response to those emergencies immediately, regardless if it is health, financially or socially related, thus never leaving their customers all to themselves regardless of where they may be. Most importantly, many returning clients are probably the best vote of confidence for this travel agent company.