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Maplin offers high end electronics at affordable prices. From GPS navigators to MP3 players, customers can find their every electronic need. Maplin also offers tips on how to maintain equipment, setting up electronics, software installation, and much more. Maplin’s website offers great pricing as well as speedy delivery, and a “how-to” section for almost all their products.

Providing great customer service is the goal of most companies, but Maplin takes it further. They take actual customer feedback, and incorporates it into the daily business. Maplin listens to what people want, and acts on it, delivering personal service to each customer. Just making a profit is not their goal, rather get the people what they really want, and for a price anyone can afford. Returning a product that wasn’t needed or right for the customer is never a hassle at Maplin, with a simple return policy. Customers never need to worry about keeping something they don’t want, even with the online sales.

Most companies only care about turning a profit, and maximizing revenue. But some companies out there actually care about what their customers need, and what they can afford. Maplin is one of those unique companies that listens to the customers, and works to better the company based off of real customer feedback. With a little bit of a slow start they went from ten customers a week, to opening stores all over England and Ireland.

Maplin started out as dream shared by Roger Allen and Doug Simmons. The first store was located in the bedroom of an apartment in Essex, with a 28 page catalogue, in 1972. Even then, Roger and Doug knew that the key to success was knowing the customers and responding to their feedback. It took nearly a year for the company to officially get off the ground, but once it did, Maplin made a name for itself. Today, Maplin offers a wide range of electronics and technical help to thousands of satisfied customers. With the help of its online sales at, they are now able to provide great products to every corner of the world.

Maplin is the one stop shop for any occasion gifts. Huge selections and top name brands make Maplin the leader in electronics. With names like Sony, Toshiba, Hp, and many more, they have something for everyone. There is no need to go from store to store anymore, has everything the company sells, all in one place, and is easy to navigate.

Maplin is a company that believes in real customer service and it shows. With great electrical brand names and great prices, it’s a company that cares, a company with values.