Oak Furniture Solutions Voucher Codes

oakfurnituresolutions.co.uk offer discount voucher codes which include 10% off Cotswold oak furniture, 10% off Dorset oak range, 10% off Alpine furniture, 10% off all Kensington oak furniture and 10% off the Bergere French style range.

Oak Furniture Solutions provides all of their furniture on their website. They are based out of the UK and specialise in oak furniture, however they have other wood types available for customers. They sell beds, bedroom sets, living room furniture, dining room furniture and kitchen furniture. They are one of the top retailers in the UK. They also offer a price match guarantee on all of their furniture, so if you see the same piece for a cheaper price then they will match the other competitor’s price. They provide their customers with many pictures and will mail free brochures to ensure the customer gets what he/she wants.

The website only offers top name brand furniture. They don’t sell cheap furniture, so the prices may not be as cheap as some small furniture store, but their quality is much better than the rest. Some of the top selling brands coming from them include Bentley Designs, Orly, CPW and Joseph International. They have a 25% customer return rate (which means that 1/4th of their customers that have previously bought from them before come back to buy something else.) This might be because they have a 7 day money back guarantee if you don’t like what you purchased.

It can be rather difficult to buy furniture from an online store, so Oak Furniture Solutions provides samples of the wood that they sell. They also will mail brochures and email PDF’s so you can see more pictures of the furniture you might be interested in. Customers can pay through Comodo (a secure payment) or they can call and give their information through the phone.

The site sells all sorts of wood furniture: oak, American white oak and French pine. They also sell rubber wood to be more environmentally friendly. Dining room tables, beds, dressers, entertainment stands and other sorts of furniture are made from these kinds of wood. The site isn’t just limited to wood though, they also sell mirrors, mattresses, couches and other sorts of furniture to fill an entire house.

The company is very environmentally friendly and they aim to not use a lot of paper, while recycling the paper that they do use. They also recycle printer cartridges and their tin cans along with anything else they can.

Online merchants can be difficult to purchase from, there’s always the worry that you won’t like something or that it won’t look anything like the picture. However, Oak Furniture Solutions solves the problem. They provide their customers with free brochures to ensure that they are getting exactly what they purchased. Even after that, they provide a money back guarantee to seal the deal. They are one of the top oak furniture sellers in the UK, they ship all over the world though.