PC World Voucher Codes

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PC World specialises in what their name suggests: the latest in technology. PC World offers a vast array of merchandise that is meant to fill entertainment as well as business needs in electronics.

PC World offers a wide range of Laptops and Desktop PCs from many of the top manufacturers. Their selection includes desktop PCs, laptops, and hand-held devices such as a PDAs and smart phones. Of course, you can also find accessories and peripherals for all your electronics there as well. The store’s large selection of goods makes it simple to compare different laptops and computers as well as finding all the accessories you’ll need.

PC World’s assortment of products doesn’t stop at computers, however. In addition to computing goods, their stores and website also offer a range of MP3 players, digital cameras and camcorders, the latest in video games and gaming consoles, and plasma and LCD TVs to list a few. PC World also ensures that you have everything needed to make the most out of your electronic purchases. Software, storage devices, printers and speakers for your computers can be found as well as various components and routers. PC World even offers home office furniture and supplies to furnish and equip your home computer area with everything you need.

PC World was established in Croydon in the year 1991 and is the Principal Division of DSG International, PLC. By the end of 1996, there were 25 PC World outlets throughout the United Kingdom. This superstore continues on growing, and as of 2006, it has expanded to 163 stores as well as a website that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Along with selling computers and electronics, PC World aims to make sure their customers have the technical services they need. These services are available through the TechGuys, who are based in all PC World Stores. The TechGuys work to make sure your electronics are running smoothly and customers can choose to have the TechGuys help them in-store, at home, or even on the phone.

PC World is known for their wide selection of home and office electronics offered at the best prices in the United Kingdom. They offer affordable products for both the tech expert looking for an upgrade and the tech beginner wanting to be introduced into the world of all things electronic. Their website pcworld.co.uk is an excellent avenue of shopping as well, as they offer the same satisfactory service that can be found in their stores with excellent shipping prices. To put it simply, PC World strives to offer quality service with quality products for quality prices.