Pet Supermarket Voucher Codes

Pet Supermarket regularly have 10% off & 15% off voucher codes to use online with minimum order spends usually ranging from £30 – £60.

Pet Supermarket is probably one of the most well known pet supply stores around. They are famous for allowing you to go shopping with your pet, so you let Fido pick out the perfect chew toy, or new bed. Pet Supermarket was founded in 1973 by Chuck West and named Pet Circus. Pet Circus changed it’s name to Pet Supermarket in 1986. Pet Supermarket stores were mostly in Florida then, but they expanded to all over the world now including the UK. Pet Supermarket not only sells any kind of pet supply you can imagine, but they also sell small pets like fish, hamsters, birds, ferrets. Pet Supermarket is also well known for teaming up with local agencies in their area to adopt out animals. They also offer shot clinics where cats and dogs can get their needed vaccinations.

Now don’t worry if you don’t have a Pet Supermarket near you they have a website! This website offers a plethora of items that are available in store. It is very user-friendly which sections categorised by animal type including reptiles, cat, dog, and many more! This site offers many deals such as a price match promise and free delivery when you purchase a certain amount, along with weekly sales. Discount codes can also be found online with a little searching and those can save you some money also. Pet insurance can also be purchased at Pet Supermarket. You have insurance for your family so why not your furry (or scaly) friend? Pet Supermarket offers famous brands such as Iams, Eukanuba, Hill’s, and many more.
Now you are probably wondering what makes Pet Supermarket different from your local pet store? Well Pet Supermarket is a pet superstore! They sell it all. Pet Supermarket has an array of clothing items for that well dressed pet. They have fashionable, yet functional collars and leashes. An assortment of food and treats that would make any dog’s mouth water, toys galore for that playful pet. And of course, bedding, cages and wheels for you rodent friends. They have an assortment of litter boxes and every kind of litter you could imagine for fluffy. Not to mention books so you can read up on your pets. My bet is if you want it, for your pet, Pet Supermarket has it!