Petmeds Voucher Codes offer discount voucher codes such as 5% – 7% off orders, 10% off Feliway products, 15% off Hills pet food and free delivery. is an on-line store based in the United Kingdom specialising in medical and daily needs supplies for pets. They pride themselves on selling only UK licensed vet supplies and only serve those living in the UK. They are regulated by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons ensuring high quality for their customers. provides supplies for a wide variety of animals including cats, dogs, equines, farm animals, and birds. Customers can purchase anything from medicine to beds to pet food and toys for their cat or dog. Horse owners can purchase everything needed for proper care of their animal, including supplements for proper digestion, clippers to remove excess hair, as well as antibiotics for illness and ointments for proper care of hoofs and coats.

Those living in a more rural setting will find many useful items for their cattle and sheep. These include ointments to promote healthy skin and coats, as well as tools to aid in the birthing process and syringes and needles for vaccinations. Bird owners may find medication for warding off mites and other insects, as well as cleaning supplies and supplements.

The Petmeds company was originally started in 2006 by an information technology professional who wished for a more fulfilling role in life and wanted a better way to care for an ailing pet dog he owned. He convinced two veterinarians to go into practice with him. The business struggled at first but eventually began to see the fruits of their labour after a few months. Since that time the business has flourished, expanding the goods and services it offers to become what it is today.

The website has a nice blue and white background with an intuitive and user friendly design. Products are broken down by the type of animal they are meant for as well as a link to search for specific prescriptions, enabling consumers to quickly find what they are looking for. Reviews for this company have proven very favourable as shipping times and customer service appear to be top priorities for this company. There is also a good frequently asked questions section that answers most common questions about the website and ordering process. Customers also have the option of enrolling in a program called iPoints where they may earn points from each purchase to be exchanged for prizes thus giving consumers additional incentive to shop at petmeds.

Overall Pet Meds is a very well designed website aimed at helping pet owners to get the medical and everyday pet food supplies that they need at a lower cost then they would normally be able to. Consumers can also search for advice on common issues with pets using the companies’ on-site knowledge base. As a customer service driven website this is a must for any pet owner!