Pizza Hut Voucher Codes offer different voucher codes through out the year, popular discounts they use include a free pizza when you order another at full price, 25% off purchases over £20 and £10 off orders over £25.

Pizza Hut offers a variety of items from their world class pizza to healthful salads in any size for any appetite. Pizza hut has locations in over 100 countries with thousands of restaurants around the world. Known worldwide for its quality pizzas and other menu favourites it’s no doubt that Pizza Hut has stolen the hearts of its patrons across the globe.

Pizza Hut offers pizzas in four sizes to fit any hunger. The first is a favourite with children and individuals alike, the personal pan pizza. Next come the small medium and of course the large. Both specialty and custom pizzas are on the menu. Some of the most popular specialty pizzas include the meat feast, pepperoni feast, supreme, vegetable supreme and the new pizza mia. You can also choose the thickness of your crust. The Italian thin crust is crisp and crunchy. Of course they offer their original hand tossed thickness and the super thick pan pizza. If these choices weren’t quite enough for you Pizza Hut has introduced the stuffed crust pizza. This crust is packed with gooey cheese and has even picky eaters eating the crust.

Along with the traditional circle pizza option Pizza Hut’s menu includes the cheesy bites pizza. This pizza has a pull away crust with twenty eight cheesy filled bites. The calzone was introduced with folded dough filled with a choice of three toppings.

In addition to pizza offers a variety of sides. One of the favourites continues to be the Texan barbecue chicken wings. Along with the chicken wings you can choice from garlic bread, cheesy jalapeno poppers, seasoned potato wedges, chilli onion rings, toffee apple meltdown, banoffee cream pie and more.

The brothers Fred and Dan Carney sought to open a pizza shop in Witcha, Kansas. In 1958 their dream was realized and by 1972 the chain boasted over 2,100 restaurants across the US. With the wildly successful chain looking to expand Japan, Canada and England were chosen to host their own Pizza Hut’s. Islington, London was the site of the first UK Pizza Hut. Before long, the pizza chain grew to 100 restaurants by 1986. Then, in 1988 the first delivery based restaurant was opened making Pizza Hut pizza a household name.