Voucher Codes regularly issue discount voucher codes for customers to use on their site, these discounts have included in the past; 30% off DVD’s, 20% off clothing, £5 off orders over £50 and £2 off purchases over £20. is online retailer of DVDs, CDs, books, video games, gadgets and other electronic products, along with, clothes and accessories, based in Jersey. Founded in 1998 under the name, it was one of the first online retailers targeting the UK market. The award winning retail business has expanded greatly over the years and today, stands out to be one of the largest online retailers in the UK. Globally, is ranked in the top 50 online retailers. With about 300 employees striving to provide quality retail service, has over 8 million registered users and a diverse catalogue of nearly 7 million products.

During its early days as, it sold only region 1 and 2 DVDs, but due to its gaining popularity it started to include Cds, Video games and electronics to its inventory. In 2000, it got re-labelled as and after 2004 it began to sell books, personal computers, posters, t shirts and more. Today, the online retail empire has burgeoned greatly and sells a wide range of value products starting from Books, CDs, DVDs and blu-ray to Music, games and clothing, and goes up to electronics, computing, mobiles and gadgets! also sells tickets for various events and also toys.

In May 2009, launched their very own Visa Credit card, in association with MBNA. The card holder ears points, called as PlayPoints, during every purchase made with the card and these points can be redeemed as a gift voucher that can be used to purchase just about any item of your interest on the website. When purchased within the site, the holder earns 2 points for every £1 (GBP) spent while for purchases outside the website, the card holder ears only 1 point per £1. There are also various other benefits of having this card; on purchase of £150 within 90 days after acquisition of the card, the card holder gets a bonus of 1500 PlayPoints.

The site has also launched this scheme known as PlayTrade that allows third party sellers to make use of the site. There are two account models for sellers, one includes a monthly subscription with a percentage based closing fee and the other account type with per-item flat closing fee as well as percentage and no subscription fee.

From time to time, have proved itself as an ace online retailer and has also won many recognitions for its accomplishment. The various accomplishments include:

MCV: Best Online Retailer – 2009,2008,2007,2006.

NCSI-UK: Top UK retailer for customer satisfaction – 2008.

Which? Awards: Best online retailer – 2009, 2008.

British Video Association 2005, 2006, 2007: Retail Success of the Year.

Forsee: Winner Customer Satisfaction – 2007, 2008.

Cool Brands – 2007/08, 2008/09.

Music Week: Best Online Store – 2007.

Pink Paper: Best Online Store – 2007.

Hitwise: Best Online Performance Music, Video & Games – 2007.

MCV: Best Home Delivery – 2007.

In the survey published by Verdict Research in January 2009, was reported to be placed 2nd in the favourite music and video retailer of UK. Also in February 2009, had topped the National Consumer Satisfaction List.’s success can be attributed to it’s quality service and the level of ethics maintained in the company.