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Anyone who owns or has owned a printer knows how expensive ink can be. It has been proven time and time again that printer companies profit more off ink sales than they do off the printer models themselves. In many cases, a printer company will decrease the price of a printer model in an attempt to make it more appealing. What the consumer doesn’t realise is that they’re actually buying a more expensive printer. While the cost of the model might be low, the price of the ink that model uses will be astronomical. It will often only take about six months to erase the discount you thought you were getting. All that said, what if you could decrease your ink costs? This would be a way to fight back and truly save money when you buy that ‘discount’ printer. Luckily, there is a way to go about doing this. To find out more, see below. has been around since 1983. Their business has grown with technology, making necessary changes along the way, opposed to remaining stagnant like other printer-related businesses. They are one of the most respected ink and toner distributors in Europe, and there’s good reason for that. There are actually a plethora of reasons we will cover, but the number one reason they stand out is price. When you buy from, you will be able to save as much as 86% compared to other online retail options. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and a 100% money back guarantee is always offered. They have also been rated a Top 10 website by hitwise (2009).

The above information is impressive, but the list goes on. What takes most pride in is that they have been 100% ISO 9001 Certified. This is an extremely difficult honour to attain and proves that products are of the highest quality. For example, inks will meet or exceed OEM standards – Original Equipment Manufacturer’s specifications. also puts a great deal of value into customer service. Not only will they offer technical support, but they will also help you find print supplies and the best deals available. At the present time, there is a ‘buy 2 get the 3rd free’ offer. They will also reward returning customers with a Loyalty Points Program. And if a printer inks order is received by 3 p.m., then it’s guaranteed to be there the next day. sells inkjet cartridges, ink toners, and paper supplies. They deal with dozens of brand names, including Hewlett Packard, Brother, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, and Kodak. They have over 1 million items in stock. More impressively, they have over 300,000 customers. There’s a reason so many people keep coming back. To put it simply, they’re very happy with the service.