R4i Voucher Codes

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R4i.co.uk is an online shopping service that specialises in top of the line Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi SLOT-1 flash carts. The service team at R4i.co.uk is quite knowledgeable about the newest trends in flash cart technology and is a great resource for fans of Nintendo’s popular console releases. R4i.co.uk also sells accessories for the flash cart such as memory cards, USB flash drives and card readers. With the customer in mind, R4i.co.uk has all the latest software you need to upgrade or improve your flash carts as well. They even have memory solutions for your PC or Mac gaming needs.

The Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi are some of the most popular gaming consoles on the market today. There are thousands of games and applications available including the SLOT-1 flash cart technology. A SLOT-1 flash cart allows you to run several different applications on your Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. It fits in the same slot you normally load games from and features an external flash memory card to store applications. People who create games and other software for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi use flash carts as development tools. With external memory cards available in large capacity sizes like 32GB, a flash cart can also be used to watch movies and play music. A flash cart can also be used to copy your favourite games and store your game saves as well.

There are many choices of flash carts available for sale. The most popular and well recognized choice would be the R4 series which is available for both Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. R4i.co.uk also sells the M3 DS Real, AceKard, M3i Zero and iEdge. Some of these flash carts require periodic software upgrades and R4i.co.uk has all of these conveniently available for download.

The customer service team at R4i.co.uk can help you choose a perfect flash cart for your specific needs. The website has online tools to help you find what you need. You should be aware that some sites will sell you cheap flash cart clones or come with software in foreign languages you cannot read. At R4i.co.uk, great care is taken to ensure the products you order are always genuine and top quality. The entire process from assisting you in finding the best products to helping you track your order is taken care of by the professionals at R4i.co.uk.

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