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Sainsburys Voucher Codes

Sainsburys.co.uk offer voucher codes mainly for their non grocery products i.e. vouchers in the past have included £30 off appliances over £400 and £10 off all non food orders over £100.

The UK shopping merchant Sainsbury’s is well known for their widespread, long-existing supermarket chain. Established in 1869 by John James Sainsbury and his wife in London, it grew steadily to become the largest grocery retailer in the UK until Tesco took this position in 1995. It is currently the third largest supermarket chain in the UK, behind Tesco and Asda, and it is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Sainsbury’s was a pioneer of self-service grocery shopping in the UK and has also spearheaded development in the area of own-brand goods. 20% of the goods that Sainsbury’s generally stocks are their own-brand, and they are well known for these. With more than 100 fair trade products, and well known lines such as Different by Design, TU Home, and Taste The Difference, Sainsbury’s has devised many products that have satisfied a wide customer base.

Sainsbury’s also extends to online markets with their web portal located at sainsburys.co.uk. This portal has options for at home delivery shopping which are available to about 3/4 of consumers in the UK. Sainsbury’s Online allows customers to choose their grocery items through an online portal. The items are then picked out and delivered to the customer via van from the closest local store.

The web portal located at sainsburys.co.uk offers users not only the wide variety of grocery items offered in traditional Sainsbury’s stores, it also provides access to many cheap furniture and household items. Sainsbury’s internet product categories offer selections of appliances, home and garden items and consumer electronics. Additionally, there is a store locator that allows customers to find a local Sainsbury’s physical branch near them.

The Sainsbury’s online portal also offers access to the financial centre of Sainsbury’s bank. This FSA authorised and regulated bank offers various forms of insurance, including home, life and travel. Additionally they provide all of the services regularly associated with banks, such as loans, accounting, and lines of credit.

An important part of sainsburys.co.uk is the sale and offers section, where special offers are located and detailed. This section will doubtless be of interest to the online shopper, who can save valuable money through perusal of the offers found therein.