Savile Row Company Voucher Codes

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Savile Row and bespoke tailors have been used synonymously for nearly 200 years. Bespoke comes from the term spoken for, or custom fit. Savile Row was actually a shopping street in London and played home at one time to the most renowned, expert and precise tailors in the world. It’s been called the ‘Golden Mile of Tailoring’. Savile Row was known to have created every article of clothing (mostly for men back then) specifically for the person ordering it. Customers such as Winston Churchill, Napolean III and Muhammad Ali Jinnah were said to have shopped there.

The Savile Row Co as we know it today began as a mid size family company, interested in using the Savile Row name to remind customers of their finely tailored shirts but to offer a more affordable price. The Savile Row Company continues to specialise in those finely tailored shirts just as they have since 1938. However, they’ve expanded from where they used to be. The Savile Row Co now sell to 30 countries worldwide. If there’s a look you want, there is none better than the expert tailors at The Savile Row Co. to create it for you.

The Savile Row Company continues to bring their customers the most exceptional, luxury clothing at an affordable price. They provide men’s wear, business wear for both men and women, suits, ties, shirts, cuff links and silk ties. They’ve also expanded to include casual wear now. You can order any of their clothing made to order for your size. There is no pushing or shoving you into a small, medium or large anymore. The Savile Row Company will have you dressing your best for a price you can afford.

Savile Row Co. is most known for their tailored, fine, couture clothing and accessories for both men and women. Their customers love them because of their excellent quality and workmanship. Their men’s suits are always single breasted and are made only from Italian wool. You’ll find the classic cut suit with 2 or 3 buttons is everywhere this season and that the slim cut contemporary suit is also available. Their colours have returned to classic brown and navy and suit jacket and pants are always sold as separates so that you get the most tailored fit possible.

Voucher codes can always be found while you are discount shopping at The Savile Row Co. They want their customers to feel that they’re getting the best materials, the best quality and the best price.