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Tesco Voucher Codes

Tesco.com is an online retailer that is based in the United Kingdom. This grocery and retail company is well-known in countless countries of the world. It dominates the UK being one the largest British vendors. Tesco falls just behind Wal-Mart in worldwide sales. This company sells diverse products such as: groceries, insurance plans, clothing, consumer electronics, software, financial services, telecoms, DVDs and CDs, and Internet services. Its most common advertising slogan is “Every little helps.” Tesco Direct is Tesco’s online range of electrical appliances, sound & vision, toys & gifts, home furnishings, toys and other non grocery products.

It was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen but the Tesco brand didn’t come until 1924. The first official Tesco store opened its doors in 1929. In the 1950s and 1960s it experienced exponential growth, owning more than 800 stores in the UK. In the 1980s, Tesco took over 40 supermarkets, causing even more expansion of its stores. The 1990s proved to be successful for the Tesco brand, as it introduced a loyalty card, named the ‘Clubcard.’ In 1995, it started an Internet shopping service. Tesco began offering fuel petrol stations from Esso. Expansion to Ireland also occurred. The 21st century was favourable for Tesco, as it continued to improve, grow, and expand. In 2001, Tesco received a 35% stake in GroceryWorks, which paved the way for cyber-grocery shopping in the United States. In 2003, it launched UK telecoms, which consisted of mobile and phone services. The next year, Tesco launched successful broadband service. Last year, it experienced even more popularity as Tesco announced that they created a super tomato that “doesn’t leak.”

Tesco is divided into six formats; categorised by size and the variety of the products it sells. Tesco Extra stores are comprised of almost all the products it has on-line. These stores are larger and the majority of them have two floors. The first floor will consist of food and the second floor consists of: entertainment goods, electronics, and clothing. Many Tesco Extra stores have the convenience of a café. Tesco Superstores are similar to a regular supermarket. The range of other products are not as extensive as Extra stores. Tesco Metro stores are a bit smaller than the superstores but still stocks food and other products. These are usually located in small towns, city centres, and in the inner city. Tesco Express stores are the equivalent to convenience stores; containing mostly food. These are located in busy city areas, small towns, and shopping precincts. One shop stores are the smallest Tesco store. It doesn’t contain the name Tesco. For the past three years, Tesco has been the sole food seller to make shopping through the internet cost effective. Tesco.com is very popular as it sells a wide variety of products. It offers convenience and affordability online.