Thomson Holidays Voucher Codes offer discount voucher codes which include; £10 off bookings, £30 off orders over £750, £50 off Greece travel, £50 off package holidays to the Balearics & Egypt and £100 off Canaries cruises.

The internet travel agent website, is focused on providing access to both cheap and luxury holidays for people based in the United Kingdom. The website boasts having over forty years of experience as a travel agency, claiming that it is internationally renowned for offering a great deal of ease when it comes to creating a fun and enjoyable holiday. Thomson Holidays offers a traveller the ability to take care of only one part of the trip or every aspect of it.

Thomson flights travel all over the world, splitting it up into two categories. First they offer a “Within Five Hour” range of one of the twenty some UK based airports to various places within Europe such as Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and the entire Mediterranean Sea area. This selection highlights the websites so-called “Favourite Destinations”, probably designed for weekend travellers and people wanting to get away and return quickly. Secondly, the website flies outside of a 5 hour radius of the UK to North and South America, Thailand, India and so on. The website does not simply provide a list of destinations to pick from, but instead, they give suggestions about popular destinations, indicating what certain people would like about a location based on a vacationer’s interests and desires for a destination.

Cruises are also an emphasis for Thomson and they offer an equally impressive list of destinations and routes for holiday cruises in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Caribbean and Canary Islands. There are several ships with the Thomson name to choose from, a number of ports from which to set out. Much of the information provided is related to what a person might expect from life on a cruise ship, from dining experience, entertainment, spa availabilities and other entertainment suggestions.

Following naturally from their emphasis on flights and cruises, Thomson provides people with many hotel and apartment options in hundreds of cities around the world. By ordering online, it is indicated that a discount is included with online reservations. The website offers all of the standard possible selections when looking for a hotel or apartment for a holiday. The user is allowed to select the type of hotel, number of rooms and nights, type of room and ratings.

Thomson Holidays also gives the user suggestions on what to expect when travelling to a different country, particularly one home to a foreign language. They offer videos, 360 degree photos, brochures and other tips for travelling.