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Thorntons sells chocolates made from prized cocoa farms worldwide. Their master chocolatier has mouth watering collections of chocolates to entice the most sophisticated chocolate lover and, yet, is responsible for the health of children by offering children’s chocolates sans artificial ingredients or additives. The Thorntons company follows Fair Trade Practices and regularly visits the source of their cocoa to check that child labour or unethical labour methods are not being conducted by their suppliers.

Thornton’s is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation and Thornton’s two chocolate suppliers Cargill and Barry Callebaut are responsible members of the community of Ivory Coast cocoa farmers making sure that cocoa farmers are treated fairly and properly recompensed for their product and as part of the Quality Partner Program are given access to health care and other benefits.

The Thornton Company is an avid supporter of Fair Trade and environmentally friendly practices world wide. Thornton’s has been making chocolate for over one hundred years ever since Joseph William Thornton opened his shop in Sheffield and gave the company to his heirs. The company is known for chocolate treats, hampers, baskets, gifts and all things chocolaty good. The language of chocolate is an art in itself at Thornton’s and most chocolate lovers will tell you that Thornton’s truffles with their unique ganache centres can send one into chocolate heaven.

Chocolate is known to have many healthy qualities as well as some negative ones if over indulged. Thornton’s cares about its customers and advices them of the health risks in over indulging in their fine chocolates made from cocoa mined from the world’s healthiest soil. At Thornton’s many locations in the United Kingdom or on the Internet, the chocolate lover can buy gifts specially for him, her or himself. There are also corporate gift ideas and special chocolate days like Valentine’s Day chocolate hearts as well as wedding day chocolate trays.

Buying chocolates at is very much like stepping into a chocolate dream from which the normal chocolate lover hopes never to awaken. Thornton’s offers special gift items like the Metropolitan that matches exquisite floral bouquets with exquisite chocolate collections.