Voucher Codes

Voucher codes also known as promotional codes are codes that can be entered at the time of checkout for many online retailers. These codes provide discounts on pricing as well as shipping. Retailers use them to attract shoppers to their websites and gather more business. The codes are often included in online advertising, emails and newspaper advertisements. Once the consumer has completed their shopping online, the retailer will ask for any promotional or voucher codes at the time of checkout. Typically, the discounts and offers apply to products the retailer is currently promoting. These offers increase advertising and sales while ensuring the consumer is getting the best deal.

Shoppers scouting bargains for Christmas defied the recession by staying out of crowded stores and shopping from home online. With the availability of voucher codes online, consumers were able to enjoy substantial discounts that were not available in stores. Online shopping has become so popular that the second Monday in December has been named ‘Cyber Monday’. Online shopping also allows consumers to price compare between retailers. Consumers are shopping more and more online to save substantial time during busy shopping times. Today’s consumers have limited schedules and enjoy the ability to shop online any time of day and at their convenience. Shopping online with a voucher code also enables the consumer to avoid coupon clipping as well as delayed rebates.

One of Britain’s most popular stores, John Lewis, has an extensive shopping experience for online consumers. The store offers homewares, clothing, appliances and furniture. The website – www.johnlewis.com shows a broad variety of products and a box to enter voucher codes before entering payment. This ensures the consumer knows that a discount exists for any purchase and entices them to make a purchase.

Amazon.com was the top online retailer in the UK in the last quarter of 2008. Amazon works hard to advertise shipping discounts and voucher codes to bring consumers to their site. They offer discounted shipping as well as expedited shipping at reduced costs when voucher codes are used. Littlewoods.com is another large online retailer that offers substantial savings on their website and further discounts at checkout with voucher codes.

There are also several food and drink discount vouchers available. Burger King offers a 2 for 1 special on www.moneysavingexpert.com. Anyone who registers gets directed to 4 breakfast vouchers and 12 additional deals when a hamburger or sandwich is purchased.

The benefits of voucher codes are not limited to just tangible products. Several holiday resorts offer discounts and bundle prices when a code is entered at time of purchase. Butlins, a popular resort chain boasts many discounts on their website, www.butlins.com. The discounts include half off hotel accommodations as well as free admission for children during the week. After selecting the trip and planning a holiday, the customer may enter a voucher code at checkout for further savings.

The success of voucher codes has created the need for bundled websites that offer codes for numerous online retailers. Such sites are www.vouchercodes.co.uk, www.myvouchercodes.co.uk and ourselves UK Voucher Code. These websites offer one stop shopping for hundreds of online retailers. A consumer simply needs to register and create an account to have access to many money saving codes.

Retailers are quickly learning that voucher codes and discounts are necessary for consumers and are seeing increased shopping numbers on their websites. This trend is shorting the shops and markets on the streets but many retailers are putting their efforts into their online business to stay above water.

Consumers should always remember to read the fine print on any voucher code. Some contain strict restrictions regarding dates the vouchers can be used and during what hours. Some vouchers cannot be combined with other coupons. Restaurant vouchers may restrict the deal to dine in customers only and may not include the beverage.

Voucher codes can save consumers more than half the cost of a product. They have been proven to be excellent in bringing online retailers to the front lines of the industry.