Waterstones Voucher Codes

Waterstones.co.uk offer voucher codes such as 10% off orders over £40, £20 off the Sony reader and 5% off purchases over £15.

Despite the prolific nature of information on the internet the ancient act of reading a book is still practiced throughout the world. Since people still enjoy reading from books that leaves a wide market for companies and individuals that ply the trade of the bookseller, with mixed success. However, one place that can only be seen as exceptional in regards to book selling is Waterstones.

Waterstones is a shop that exists in over three hundred locations as well as on the internet. Since their opening day in 1982 they have made it their personal mission to become the best, most prolific, and highest regard book selling company around. Their staff no matter the location is filled with individuals that are passionate about books and sharing their particular worth and nature with anyone that would be interested in owning such. They are incredibly knowledgeable on a wide variety of book related topics from high-fantasy to modern political masterpieces.

There are no two Waterstones book stores that are exactly the same. The main branch of these shops is on Piccadilly in London and is known to be the largest bookshop in all of Europe. Each one of these shops is stocked with a wide range of books, thirty thousand separate books on the average with the largest shop having over two hundred thousand titles in stock. Near the entrance of every shop, one of the few true similarities is a section that is dedicated to personal staff picks. Each of the books in that area are handpicked by real people and not pre-selected by a corporate office.

If walk-in book stores hold no particular interest for you Waterstones has a magnificently well appointed online store located at Waterstones.com. The site is easy to navigate and has listings for everything from children’s books to current best sellers. They also have listing for store related programs, DVDs, eBooks, and other information of wide and varied interest to many people.

The crowded shelves and random people might be a bit daunting for some individuals in a walk-in shop. At the online branch there are more titles than even the largest of the walk-in branches can house and due to the lower cost of overhead the price range tends to be more economical. Further, the ease of purchasing a book online followed by delivery right to your door, or wherever you take your mail, allows for a customer friendly service without the hassle of dealing with other people.

Whether a customer would prefer to walk into the stores and feel the history of Waterstones or they would prefer to shop at Waterstones.com in the safety and security of their own home is a personal preference. Either way the atmosphere and environment is customer friendly and the books are varied and current.